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Sanden Vikas (India) Ltd

Plot No. 65, Sector 27-a
Faridabad  121003
tel: +91 91-129-2279001
fax: +91 91-129-2273501


Air Conditioning (AC) Equipment , Air Conditioning (AC) Systems available from Sanden Vikas (India) Ltd based in Faridabad India. Click the links below to visit our website or contact us via our profile page.*



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Construction Corner: Enter the drones

of drones by terrorists bent on doing damage. Now Komatsu Ltd., the Japanese equipment maker, tells us about a new service/product it rolled out a couple of weeks ago in Japan (for a start). Not only does the service use unmanned aircraft, but unmanned dozers and excavators as well, in order to automate...

Cheap Oil Fuels a Whirligig of Economic Thingamajigs (Part 1)

3 months ago -18.1 2.6% Latest month -66.3 10.3% member) Latest month -13.7 2.1% India 1 year ago -12.1 1.9% Venezuela 1 year...